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The Mystery (Of the Missed calls)

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10:45 PM

Tring Tring. “Hello??” “Who? Jappi?? No, I am not Jappi, I am Arvind; sorry wrong number

Tring Tring. “Hello? Sorry this is not Kattreguppa Junkyard, what? No we don’t buy or sell scrap metal

Newspaper?? " Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh, "you wanna sell it? Hell, Ok I will pay you 10 rupees per Kg ok? No, not a pie more than that, if you are Ok come to my shop Today evening”  .

Thank God this wasn't tough. Atlast I could ward him off. Let him go searching for the Newspaper Buyer's store and raise hell about the bargain, Not my mistake *Notorious and Irritated*

Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!! This is my routine life, Every wrong number in this country connects to my phone and  there is nothing I can do about it. My doctor uncle asks me to look at the positive side …

Let there be no light

She woke up from her limbo in absolute jet black darkness. She felt severe pain in her head and had difficulty with expressions on her face. Too tired to move she just lay there. A chill went up her spine. Only then it dawned on her that she was lying naked on a cold floor, as if in an ice container. She started to crawl on all four limbs, exploring the place with her sense of touch. Every tissue in her body was frost, going immobile. She dragged her body with all her strength to find an opening and get out into warmth and heat. At times she fell back gasping for breath but the will to survive made her go forth.  She sensed something soft like an organ- a human ear; she wanted to sense the rest of the body but it was all by itself; as if cut off from someone’s head. She wandered a bit further and fear crept in. There was more than one pair of human ears lying around. She shuddered and moved chaotically rolling over and crashing with things she realized to be hair wigs, human heads and…

Erin Brokovich

----------------------------------------------------------  Title: Erin Brokovich
Tagline: She brought a small town to its feet and a huge corporation to its knees.
Cast: Albert Finney, Julia Roberts, David Brisbin
Writer: Susan Grant
Director: Steven Soderbergh

Before I talk about anything else I would like you to know that Julia Roberts has won Oscar(2001), Golden Globe(2001),BAFTA Film Award(2001), Blockbuster Entertainment Award(2001), Broadcast Film Critics Choice Award(2001), Empire Award-UK(2001), LVFSCA Sierra Award(2000), London Critics Film Circle Award (2001), Los Angeles Film Critics Association award (2000), MTV Movie Award (2001), National Board of Review-USA award(2000), SanDiego Film Critics Sociey Award (2000), Screen Actors Guild Award(2001), Teen Choice Award(2001) for the best Actress for her title role in Erin Brokovich. There have been numerous other nominations and awards for this film, all in 48 nominations an…


This post was originally written for and it is written in exactly 300 words

Having lost his wife to atrocities of poverty five years back; he was the loneliest person on earth. He had such a zilch of presence that his demise would not have mattered to anyone. Anyone, except one or two occasional pedestrians passing by the traffic signal, opposite the big shopping mall; where he pestered them for alms. If not begging, he would while away his time seated on the pavement and watching the mannequin day and night. The lifeless wooden doll replied with equal intensity staring back. It would communicate silently with eyes, breaking away the contact only when one of the storekeepers changed its position or when it was being dressed or undressed. Every time, the dresses changed, it would seek the approval of the beggar and he would nod his compliments in return; his lips, a tad parted as if in exclamation and awe of the dress. In truth, he was happy to have some company. It was c…

RTI act,2005: An Introduction

No democracy is literally complete until people are given the participating power and imparted knowledge of the  day to day governance. India took one step in this direction on 15th July 2005 when Right to Information Act was passed by the parliament which came into full force on 12th October 2005.
Hitherto, Information disclosure in India was restricted by the Official Secrets Act 1923 and various other special laws, which the new RTI Act now relaxes.
The Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI) is a law enacted by the Parliament of India "to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens." The Act applies to all States and UnionTerritories of India, except the State of Jammu and Kashmir - which is covered under a State-level law. Under the provisions of the Act, any citizen (excluding the citizens within J&K) may request information from a "public authority" (a body of Government or "instrumentality of State") which is …

Promise Me by Harlan Coben

_________________________________________ Author: Harlan Coben
Genre: Covert operations, thriller, adventure, action
Original Title: Promise Me (Myron Bolitar, #8)
Series: Myron Bolitar #8
Setting: United States _________________________________________
This book was a random pick and it was my First Harlan Coben book and what a book it was. Like a chocolate that melts when placed in your mouth and the taste grows on you. Meet Myron Bolitar, the very famous basket ball player from Livingston High school who made to NBA and due to knee injury could get the fame he deserved. There is another side to Myron, a Vigilante, batman like but he doesn’t have the gadgets ,the super hero costume or the batmobile. But what he has is the moral dilemma as akin to Batmans’s (ofcourse not as melodramatic as batman), a will to safe guard the innocent and a psychic, rich, well-trained and well-connected friend Win.
The book begins with the spotting of a missing gal, a 18 year old adult from Livingston high a…


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Chandrabhanu was the son of a marine officer staying in the apartments. Deepavali for him meant a great deal, the biggest and greatest festival. Ofcourse everything translated to the season of splurging, shopping clothes, food, parties, sweetmeats and loads of crackers.
Jayadeva or jappi stayed along with his granny at the thatched make-shift roofing shelter just behind the apartments.  Granny was his only living relative. She was an old withered woman who wasn’t suitable for the labour work. She’d find some odd jobs of cleaning at functions and parties that helped them earn a living; Otherwise water was their regular bread and butter with a meal or two in few weeks.To use the term Povertyor Below Poverty will be to describe riches in comparison to Jappi’s life

Otiose Dreams Part 2

This is second post in the Series Otiose Dreams. To read Otiose Dreams Part1 click here

This event takes place somewhere after the end of 6th book and before the beginning of 7th book of Harry Potter Series.
Dumbledore is dead and Harry says Snape killed him. But, the Ministry of magic wants an official confirmation and hence a bench is commissioned to investigate Dumbledore’s murder. Tenders are received from across the globe and through all ages of human existence. The tenders from 21st Century India are kept aside because of the super corrupt reputation they carry along. After much deliberation the most famous fiction detective Mr. Sherlock Holmes is hired for the job.
Sherlock has been busy time travelling, helping the Time traveller’s wife decipher an Enigma called her husband. During this period he has travelled to forbidden places and got mixed up with issues he had no right to meddle with and a result is simultaneously investigating multiple cases.
He has arrived at Hogwarts alon…

Good Over Bad

I have been thinking of an incident that will do justice to this topic and I have at last decided I will narrate something we witnessed during our childhood. The names have been changed well enough to disguise the religion, race or any other clue that will give away the details of my friend.
Around 15 years ago, Rameez’s father demised given the alcoholic he was. They were rich, his mother young and beautiful and without a guy to man the house. His relatives were trying all sorts of tricks to grab his father’s property – trying to marry his mother to one of his uncles and also trying to get Rameez engaged to one of their daughters, at such young age of 10-12 years.
Being kids, we didn’t realize that this was a serious predicament, but now when I retrospect, I have profound empathy for his mother. Fed up of constant bickering, they decided to relocate and that is when they shifted to my native, three of them; Rameez, his mother and his granny. They rented a small house and Rameez was adm…

Blog Action Day 2010 - Water

I generally do not write travelogues, it's not my cup of tea. But today I want to quote one of my experiences in Zurich, Switzerland. I had been to Switzerland on a company sponsored visit. It is an awesome place,nothing less than a dream land. Of the umpteen number of things I have observed here, is that a bottle of beer is much cheaper than that compared to a bottle of water. 
This struck me deep and I always wanted to join a cause to help save water and  help reach it to the needy.Blog Action day is conducting this water day on 15th October 2010. I request all my dear friends to sign the petition and help this  noble cause.

A Million Little Pieces

Author: James Frey
Genre: Biography, Drug Addiction, Rehab
Guidance: May not be suitable for Kids
What do you know about addiction, in particular, addiction to drugs? You have seen it in cinema and sometimes you would have read about it as well. But do you really know what addiction to drugs is? What exactly it means to try and get rehabilitated? What and how are these rehabilitation centers? What kind of a fight a rehab patient puts up against the temptation to do it again? Just once? In a small quantity that wouldn’t hurt?
Yes, probably you could have read and seen it on TV or in movies but, this book takes it to next level. Intense, unpredictable, explicit and face-the-truth-in-your-face story of Mr. James Frey during the days of his addiction as well as during the rehab, ‘A Million Little Pieces’ is a true account (with a bit of creative freedom) of James Frey’s life.
Though there are many rumors of the facts being embellished, the book makes for an engaging read. It talks of all the …

The Receptionist

Context: The below wordings are the musings of an inebriated drunkard to other drunkards he is partying with

There sits a lady wicked At the gates of heaven and hell She wears high heels, huge ear rings, Dark lipstick and rimmed glasses as well. She has dark eyes, crooked jaw And sports a snotty smile. She is corrupt, she is cunning, She is uncouth, prejudiced and vile.
Sitting behind the ominous desk, She helps people to their place in afterlife, Some accept happily And some others grimace. There are those who cajole her Either by gifts or by praise; To let them pass by Through the forbidden gates.
We can do the same, my brethren And change our luck, Because the game of fate Is won or lost by a nip or tuck. There is hope my people For now let’s sin and rejoice We can win over the receptionist, With a deception or devoice.

My First IndiBlogger Meet

Do you live in a dream world? I do.
Brandbull, msigeek, Leo, Avada kedavra, Evil Me, anshprat, dhempe, dkris, flyfiddlesticks, addy, Mag[m] are few of the people I know by name. I had not met them, not before yesterday. I knew they were of my kind, unique and special –netizens, bloggers and crazy freaks. I had known them through blogs, twitter and other online social forums. I related with them and I knew they relate with me.
When Indiblogger announced that there will be a blogger’s meet @ Bangalore, it was a special feeling. I was participating in an Indimeet for the first. I would at last meet these people in person, see them in blood and flesh, talk to them, share with them and enjoy. It is rare to spend time anticipating what all could take place when you meet the people for the first time.Especially with the kind of work pressure my Mundane and routine jobs offers me. But I happily whiled the time day-dreaming and believe me it was worthwhile.
There will be many posts detailing the …

The curse of the Deserted Railway Station

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 15; the fifteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Jane and Jeremy, a middle class American couple came to India to realize their dream wedding. It was not going to be a big fat Indian wedding but it was their dream nevertheless. They had about a week’s time for the wedding and wanted to go around. They hired a tour guide cum driver Taposh Ranjan Das. To say the least, they were simply floored by his humbleness and honesty. For three days, he took them around to various places across north India including Taj Mahal. Jeremy wanted to know things about India that back home his friends didn’t know or had not been to, so he requested Taposh to show them some places which not many people know about or visit.
Being the true Indian host and humble guide, Taposh agreed. They had been traveling on a lonely road for about an …

The holy dip took his breath Away

es Note: This is a work of my imagination and any reference to any person (living or dead) or to a place is purely co-incidental.

Dasappana Kunte (Dassapa’s pond) is a small village that came into existence 15 years ago and has been gaining popularity as a tourist point ever since. Like every tourist point, this village has a story behind it, a divine story.

Fifteen years back this was no village but a small establishment of around 20 families. The only distinguishing feature was the 3-4 feet deep small pool formed by rain water logging and rest all was wild. Since no one bothered to venture on these grounds, the poor families found it a safe haven to settle down.
Dasappa was a small, shrivelled fellow with deep set eyes. He carried a mystic aura and that made people revere him. He had quite a following and his USP: teach people to love!. No, Not the mankind or brotherly love, but tips and tricks to improve your romantic love life. Tips, that will help people keep their romantic life go…