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The Mystery (Of the Missed calls)

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10:45 PM

Tring Tring.
Hello??” “Who? Jappi?? No, I am not Jappi, I am Arvind; sorry wrong number

Tring Tring.
Hello? Sorry this is not Kattreguppa Junkyard, what? No we don’t buy or sell scrap metal

Newspaper?? " Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh, "you wanna sell it? Hell, Ok I will pay you 10 rupees per Kg ok? No, not a pie more than that, if you are Ok come to my shop Today evening”  .

Thank God this wasn't tough. Atlast I could ward him off. Let him go searching for the Newspaper Buyer's store and raise hell about the bargain, Not my mistake *Notorious and Irritated*

Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!
This is my routine life, Every wrong number in this country connects to my phone and  there is nothing I can do about it. My doctor uncle asks me to look at the positive side - It helps increase my patience and control my blood pressure. You belive that?? Blood pressure my foot. If I get another such call, I will… I will… I will wriggle his neck and cut him to pieces. But,  If it is a gal it’s still Ok, I can flirt for a while ;) *notorious and plotting*
How I wish if a sweet and cute girl calls me… oh here goes it again.

Tring tring, Tring tring.
Yes? What?  No, this is not  SAVE SUICIDERS phone line” (Now you know where the Jhoota hi sahi team copied the idea from :P )." Hey,  what? No , please!  listen to me, don’t kill yourself. Hello? hello? you there? Hello? Hello?”. 

Goodness Gracious!!  did she kill herself? What did I do? I could have simply lied and saved a life. I can never forgive myself  for having done this.

The next day Bangalore Mirror , a local newspaper reported a young girl’s suicide case on front page and that is all I needed to go weak in the knees. I killed her. If there was a rewind option, how I’d love to talk to her and convince her not to trade her life so cheap.

I was down with fever the next few days. On that, my friends narrating me stories of the haunting ghosts didn’t help a bit. What’s worse was those Mysterious MISSED CALLS.  They weren’t missed calls actually. I was  afraid to receive calls from unknown numbers lest the ghost of her talk to me and question  why I didn’t stop her?
To aggravate things, a pattern has developed in last few days. I get calls every night at 10:45 PM from an unknown number, A single unknown number. Was I suffering the same like Farhan Akhtar in Karthik calling Karthik? May be. I checked with family and friends. I got an equivocal answer, we won’t dare play a prank when you are going through such a trauma. I also noted that they were actually MISSED CALLS. Two rings and the call gets cut.

I am going freaking crazy. I need a way out. I know the only way is to face it. It is 10.44 and my phone will ring in next 60 seconds.I will receive the call today, I mean tonight ( Can’t help the confusion, I am already shaky and afraid, fear creeping in from all corners). Tonight, I will talk to her and confess, ask for forgiveness. What could go wrong?  Worst, her ghost may take my life and I will become a ghost myself and haunt someone else. But how bad that can be? Not bad than the present state I am in. Need not spend my nights awake and have nightmares during the day. I will do it. Come what may, I will pick the call before the second ring. Yes, come on. Bring it on, 5 seconds to go, 4, 3 ,2,1 and trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

Click “Hello?”

Total, absolute and perfect silence.
It is less than a second’s silence and 1000 thoughts flood my brain. Is it really her? Is it her ghost? Will a hand reach out the phone and choke my breath? Will someone realise that I am dead by morning? Who will I haunt? I don’t have an enemy as such….. so  on and so forth.
Coming back to the phone call , with all strength I mutter again  “H-H-hello??”
And  then I hear those words

Hi Janu, where were you I have been trying to reach you for past few days. You don’t respond to my calls?”
Me: “What?”
She:  “You know I called you yesterday and day before and the before that also. We saw you with some gal at the pani puri stand out my hostel. I thought you had come to meet me. Who was she??

I was confused. Her ghost was playing with me before putting me to rest. But there was no point beating round the bush. So I said  “I am sorry. I tried to stop you but you were already dead by then. I am serious I wanted to help you but before I could say something you were dead

She: “ Ha ha, you are kidding right? trying to avoid my question? I wont give up until you tell me who she was, else I will call your parents and tell them you were going around with some gal even after being betrothed to me”.

Hell !! this ghost is really in some funny mood . I said again “ I am sorry, please don’t kill me, I didn’t mean to let you die, I haven’t slept since that day, I mean night, I am repenting, please forgive  me, please please. I want to live longer please don’t kill me” I panicked.

She responded You freaky moron, aren’t you  Hameed my Fiance?”. 

I was like “ Hameed who the hell is Hameed?"

She  Aren’t you really Hameed? Oh shiii

I let out a huge sigh and  looked down at my WET pants. Everything wasted, sleep, food  energy, time  and lifetime's achievement  of never having wet my pants before. All for a Bloooooooooooooody wrong number.

Sorry. Wrong Number”. I said and cut the call

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    Toyin O. said…
    This is so funny, never let your fear cripple you. The things we are afraid of actually never happens.

    I just also want to thank you for visiting my blog and your gracious comment. Have a blessed week.
    Amity said…
    Just one hello, and everything turned bloody hell huh!

    Prank callers are really making us curse for anyone cares.

    This is interesting, as I too have that share of mischief by prankies...may their tribe decrease!

    Good luck dear!
    Hey Toyin,
    Thanks for dropping by :)
    I am glad you liked it.
    Good Morning :)
    I knew one of the first comments will be from you. :D
    Yeah Prankies is one set of headache. Wrong Numbers- it an entirely different story. For few day i was a victim myself, all kinds of people call you back :)
    Guria said…
    That was really funny! Was expecting something more serious actually! All the Best for BAT 17... :)

    I tried writing serious in the previous post not sure if it is good enough.
    Try reading this
    shruthi said…
    lolz :) that was real good narrative ...thoroughly enjoyed it..

    Good luck with the contest
    Alcina said…

    Nice one..light.. entertaining and sometimes in between meaningful too..

    All the best for BAT-17 :)
    Sadiya Merchant said…
    hehe PARANOID!
    mus say its impressive effort to be able to write soooo much in so little time.
    best part i thot was d mood and flippance dat came wid it...downside wud b the plot i guess...wasnt very firm.
    overall...entertaining :-)
    Thanks much.
    I am glad you liked it
    Looks like this is the first time you have visited my blog.
    Do read my other posts as well.

    I am glad you liked it.
    and am I to assume to that most of the post is meaningless when you say that it is meaningful in between? :D ;)
    Yeah I know there wasnt much of a plot. I tried to do something different but within limited time. You know I was looking at clock for every word I wrote.

    Atlast managed to finish the post.
    All thanks to you :)
    MAVERICK said…
    Hey that was surely a hilarious one And yes just one suggestion if it really happens with you , go ahead with a number change as connections are easier to buy then pants :)

    All the best . And thanks for dropping by
    @ Maverick ,

    Even I considered that idea, but
    but but,
    with the introduction of MNP, one many not prefer to change the number :P

    I loved your take on the topic man, its pretty good
    Muddassir, this is a great plot.. Nice build up. wonderful narration. Wish you more smiles for this..

    Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog.. :-)

    All the best..

    --Someone is Special--
    Thanks a lot.
    you ve posted something wonderful yourself.
    lucky we have Batom to write and read wonderful stuff :)
    Srikanth said…
    Interesting start and narration but I felt you still left us in the mystery. What about the other wrong numbers you get?
    Well its anyone guess. I feel arvind, the character of the story would have stopped using the number after this incident. I mean anyone in his position will. :)
    Beyond Horizon said…
    All in 1 post...truth..never let fear control our life...thrillin...hilarious
    Best of luck :)
    m7 said…
    Good luck.
    you r one of the few to have said this,
    Thanks for reading through :)

    good luck to you to
    Glad you found it interesting
    Anonymous said…
    Well, That was really funny.. I loved it..
    Vibhuti B said…
    Mudassir this was such a tongue in cheek humorous post. Its a mystery how peple manage to dial wrong nos. when they are calling their very own Fiances.
    PS: Bollywood movies seem to influence you a lot..;)
    ATB for BAT 17
    haha...nice ending. prank calls could turn you paranoid...wonder if the lady also got scared, hearing about death etc...
    Good luck!

    I am glad you loved it.
    It is just work in a jiffy kind of work.
    YOur comment made my day
    Thanks a ton for dropping by and reading it.
    Makes my effort worthwhile thatquite some folks loved it.

    P.s: When you have no idea what to write you turn to Bollywood movies :P
    Shhhhhhh... Keep this a secret ;)
    @ Lostin thoughts,
    I bet she would also be scared.
    Else how would you expect one to react.

    THanks for the wished and good luck to you too :)

    Vikram Pyati said…
    Hilarious!!! Absolutely enjoyed it. It really requires some skill to write a funny story. All the best!
    Welcome to my blog and thanks loads for all the kind words.
    Please go through all other posts and I hope you like my other works as well
    I agree with you completely.. BAT is a wonderful place to meet wonderful people..

    PS: one suggestion, comment window type could be a pop-up window as that gives more flexibility..

    --Someone is Special--
    Point taken and thanks for the suggestion.
    I will try and implement it
    wow this one is hilarious with the spice of mystery.all the best for BAT.
    good luck to you too :)
    running or two contests simultaneously huh?
    Kshitij said…
    Haha, nice and sweet. What I remember of you - weren't you writing serious posts?

    This post was a surprise for me. Good one, by the way.

    Your hero got too much into that girl suicide thing. Vaise, how could he be sure it was the same girl?

    Nice concept.

    I am just trying to get versatile.
    So lets see how good this works out to be :)
    Cherry Blossom said…
    Out of so many grave posts, this is light and enjoyable. The simplicity of the narration is commendable. Prank calls are really irritating. Loved your take on the topic.
    Thanks a lot for your comment on my post for they are always so encouraging. Yet I have so much to achieve and with your good wishes, inshaallah, I will succeed.
    All the best to you.
    Anonymous said…
    The very interesting point of the story is.. you kept the suspense till the end :)
    @Cheryy :)
    THanks for droppingy and I am glad you liked it.
    I am sure you will achieve muchmore :)
    D2 said…
    Light and humourous. Turns out a simple phone call can change a lot!
    All the best for the BAT.

    I tried really hard but I had to give out the suspense at the end ;) :P
    Thanks a lot Bud.

    Good luck to you too
    Maddie said…
    Prank calls and blanks calls, always irritating! Good take on mystery! All the best. :)
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Do read other posts also
    subtlescribbler said…
    hilarious mystery...bechara ladka, he got not even a single call of substance and when finally someone of interest did call then he was too nervous to enjoy it..tch..tch :( :P
    good plot and a better end!
    aativas said…
    Welcome to my blog :)
    I suggest you read through other posts as well.
    I hope you find them interesting

    Happy that you liked it. I was not sure of the plot or the post myself.
    It was done in a hurry, I am glad you liked it :)
    adarshs said…
    haha....loved d ending muddassir...wet pants on a wrong number....nice stuff :)
    Yamini Meduri said…

    nice one..!!! a post that made me smile after so many serious write ups..!!

    cool one.!!!

    All the best for BAT dear..!!!

    Yamini Meduri - The Mystery

    Yamini Meduri
    Thanks for dropping by and good luck with the contest to you too.
    and yeah, Have a great weekend
    Makk said…
    Well, wetting pants..


    Keep writing!
    Raksha Raman said…
    Haha! I read it and went 'Oops! Poor soul' :P All my sympathies rest with the protagonist :P I had a feeling that you rushed through the story. No doubt it is entertaining but it is not typically Md.Muddassir stuff..I expected a little more perhaps..Nonetheless, it did bring out a laugh. ATB with BAT :)
    I am really glad that you had high expectations. It means alot to me. :)
    Believe me, I wrote this in last 45 minutes of submission time.
    I will try and do something better next time.

    Thanks for dropping by
    I am totally boosted :)
    Sidra Sayeed said…
    i think the end was well written, although it was almost a giveaway that she was probably looking for someone else but his continued paranoia held on to the narration.
    Welcome to my blog.
    yes, even I felt the end was the main part, Wnated to make it better bu there wasnt enough time :)
    Alka Gurha said…
    Nice one.
    thanks alka
    Anonymous said…
    I recently started following Blog-a-Ton.. Though don't know how exactly it works..
    looking forward to participate in Blog-a-Ton 18..
    That must not be a problem.
    I'm sure you will do great there
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