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MerryLand - The forest

The birds are in the sky, Trying hard not to fly. But then they are so amused, As the first rays of light are let loose.
The cold breeze is being replaced by wind As the moon is about to rescind. The silver night has made the way For the golden beams and the sunny day.
The leaves rustle and the birds chirp, As rain drops hit the grounds. Every one cherisheth and asks "Whence this nature’s music resounds" ?
Red, yellow and pink the flowers bloom, The little animals jumping around dispel the gloom. Every being riseth to seek his food for the day, Life continues here harmonious and gay.
Welcome to the merry land! Where every one walks hand in hand. Joy pervades and everyone smiles, Through out the stretch and across the miles. Here rejoiceth every creatute, To the Dhun - symphony of nature.
Telephone Songs
This is for all of you frustrated musicians...who want to turn all of us into frustrated listeners. ...You can play music on your phone by pressing the buttons on the top (1,2,3)...and along the side (6,9,#). But don't play the 4,5,7,8,*, or 0. They sound even worse than the others.

Happy Birthday

Auld Lang Syne

Frere Jacques

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Louie, Louie


About Movies and motivation

I have never considered movies as a source of social reform until late. Ever since I remember Iknow of movies leading people berserk in terms of love, romance, arrogance, style.. all in all complete show biz.. which helped people get flambuoyant and nothing else.

I don't remember even a single movie which motivated people to do something for the society, taught them to be selfless and all. Even if the movies featured on these themes, they had the least of effect on the junta.

The success of Lage Raho Munna Bhai and CHAK DE India!! not only on Box office but their effect on public has also been startling. If people in northern states practised Gandhigiri on roads earlier this year garlanding the ones who broke the traffic rules, the second half of the year is witnessing, youngsters, ladies and lasses pick up hockey sticks and play the game with passion. I say this because I have experienced this.

I had been to my college last weekend. I have never seen the hockey ground with peop…

26th August 2007

Hi All,
Morning and HAKUNA-MATATA!!

First things first. Today is my brother's birthday and I am back at home to spend some quality time with him but alas, he is sleeping as always. Never mind. The devil within me is Surely upto something. My dear bro is going to pay for it( read as treat, shopping splurge etc etc;)).

I was in Mysore for two days and last night I mounted the bus to Bellary. It was great to be back to my alma mater, which I strongly identify myself with. Few things passed my mind. Memories from the recent past( last 5 years) made me glad and also led a tear or two down my cheek. Its definitely one of the most important phase of my life where I metamorphised my self, transcended and now I am backto ground zero.

My visit to mysore strengthened my will to continue my constant struggle to beat myself at things and emerge out as a better person.

phew... no more philosopy or else people will stop reading "chicken soup for the soul".Just kidding.

Last thing.. t…

Those Familiar Faces !!

Every morning when the sun begins to glow,
Now and then I peep down the window.
My eyes searching for the faintest traces
Of those old familiar faces.

It's long since I have recognised someone
Now, I wonder where all those have bygone.
I want to talk, hug and embrace.
Show me please, one familiar face.

I know I have walked a thousand miles,
But still, I miss those friendly smiles.
It would be a great solace,
Show me please,one familiar face.

Where are those consummate words and comforting eyes??
Those moments of joy and that of sighs!!
I grieve for having deserted those places
And now I miss, those familiar faces.

I importune to live that life again
And I know that I cry in vain.
My time has passed and still 'am looking for traces
Of those old familiar faces.

The nothingness of life

Probably this post begins with a pessimistic note. But then, I am being paid to sit and waste my time and my talent too.
Hang on!!.. dont you dare to think even for a second that I dont have much of work to do at office(Had it been so.. I might have been so happy ;) .)
Its just that I dont have quality work to do. The quanitiy of work, masha-allah is beyond the capability of oneself to accomplish it in alloted time. Like any other "Software engineer", Me too spending my time putting off the work for the next day and the next and so on. Darn it !!! This is tad mushy; I know it is.
And this is the life I have to live , infact most of us and this is the way we do it.

P.S: This piece of verbiage is to kill my boredom and to bore others. thanks for wasting your time on it ;).
What is common in these words?

In all of the words listed, if you take the first letter, place it atthe
end of the word, and then spell the word backwards, it will be the same word.
Did you figure it out?