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20 August, 2007

Those Familiar Faces !!

Every morning when the sun begins to glow,
Now and then I peep down the window.
My eyes searching for the faintest traces
Of those old familiar faces.

It's long since I have recognised someone
Now, I wonder where all those have bygone.
I want to talk, hug and embrace.
Show me please, one familiar face.

I know I have walked a thousand miles,
But still, I miss those friendly smiles.
It would be a great solace,
Show me please,one familiar face.

Where are those consummate words and comforting eyes??
Those moments of joy and that of sighs!!
I grieve for having deserted those places
And now I miss, those familiar faces.

I importune to live that life again
And I know that I cry in vain.
My time has passed and still 'am looking for traces
Of those old familiar faces.


dpooh said...

though feeling sleepy..i give a standing ovation to this...really wonderful...

Indian Home Maker said...

But where have the familiar faces gone? Is the poet far away from home? Or so old that all the familiar faces are gone forever....

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

The poet is far away from home.
The poet is growing old.
When i wrote this poem, I had a 60 years old successful Business tycoon in one of the major business hub cities, who has had humble beginnings in a small town.
Though it appears that he has everything, but in the process of reaching this position he has lost everything and everyone he valued.

Hope this helps to understand the poem :)

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

@Surya d-pooh,
Thank you brother :):)

indianhomemaker said...

I thought so! Thank You!

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

:) I hope you liked the poem

Zainab Urooj said...

Hey... Its really wonderful. Fallen in love with your poetry also.

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Thankooo zainab