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Amazing Alex from ROVIO

"ROVIO".  Ring any bells? yo! the team behind the now "Cult game" ANGRY BIRDS.
Now they are atlast breaking out of the Angry birds stance and avoiding oblivion by challenging new horizons. Amazing Alex is the latest offering from ROVIO, a physics game that requires the player to apply the basics of physics to achieve the goals at every level such as knocking out something or land the ball in particular basket.

My first impressions said that this game was similar to Gravity Master, one of my all time favorites. I dug a bit further and now I can say that this game was previously known as Casey's Contraptions. They improvised upon it and here we are with our very own brand new Amazing Alex. It is also claimed that the game is a copy of the 1992 PC game  "The incredible Machine".
Whatever the source, as of today it is called Amazing Alex.

I would want you to watch the official trailer before we go ahead about the game.

Well, I hope you now have a good ide…