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Bidding adieu... bye bye mysore.

Hi one and all..
I had my last dinner.. perhaps my 'LAST SUPPER' in the hostel tonight. Now I am back at my juni's room keying in these words... my last blog from sjce. Kashi , Darshan and Raghavendra shetty .. the three closest guys to me at the hostel left today... feeling very sad.. kashi cried itseems.. chey i missed it god:).. I wanted to see him cry. The last time I saw him cry was when june 15th 2005 when Ravi K S left. I would be leaving Mysore tomoro night i.e, 18th of June. I dont wanna cry .. perhaps that's the reason I am writing this,to let out all my feelings.

That's it. I dont wanna write any more or else i will cry. thats it.
I thank all the people living or dead for having made me enjoy this beautiful and most memorable period of my life.

love you sjce. love you mysore. thanks IEEE and Thank you BIOtech

bidding adieu, bye bye mysore!!!

adios amigos,

allah hafiz,

shab a khair, good night, shubhratri, sweet dreams

Md. Muddassir Shah B.E.

Er. Muddassir shah B.E Biotech

hell! i thought when i walked out of my project demo.. the last qualifying exam to become an engi graduate in VTU. I did it... but then... was it this I was looking for? I didnt have the courage to scream nor the joy to shout and elp noises of happiness and achievements. It was a blank moment.. unable to decide wat sort of a mood I'm in. It took me four hours to realize that I am going to miss this four years of my life very very much.
love you sjce, love you biotech and love you mysore

Muddassir shah B.E atlast

hey one and all
i finished my last written paper of engineering today.
finished my engineering itself.
dunno wat sort of feelings am in.
But yeah today i feel like thanking all my seniors for making my life such wonderful on.
thank you guys
allah hafiz,