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The nothingness of life

Probably this post begins with a pessimistic note. But then, I am being paid to sit and waste my time and my talent too.
Hang on!!.. dont you dare to think even for a second that I dont have much of work to do at office(Had it been so.. I might have been so happy ;) .)
Its just that I dont have quality work to do. The quanitiy of work, masha-allah is beyond the capability of oneself to accomplish it in alloted time. Like any other "Software engineer", Me too spending my time putting off the work for the next day and the next and so on. Darn it !!! This is tad mushy; I know it is.
And this is the life I have to live , infact most of us and this is the way we do it.

P.S: This piece of verbiage is to kill my boredom and to bore others. thanks for wasting your time on it ;).