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MerryLand - The forest

The birds are in the sky, Trying hard not to fly. But then they are so amused, As the first rays of light are let loose.
The cold breeze is being replaced by wind As the moon is about to rescind. The silver night has made the way For the golden beams and the sunny day.
The leaves rustle and the birds chirp, As rain drops hit the grounds. Every one cherisheth and asks "Whence this nature’s music resounds" ?
Red, yellow and pink the flowers bloom, The little animals jumping around dispel the gloom. Every being riseth to seek his food for the day, Life continues here harmonious and gay.
Welcome to the merry land! Where every one walks hand in hand. Joy pervades and everyone smiles, Through out the stretch and across the miles. Here rejoiceth every creatute, To the Dhun - symphony of nature.