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29 June, 2005


yeah now i remember that i wanted to write about the news paper ethics of india when i realised that its much ado bout nothin
Indian newspapers today have just been trenched down to the level of an income source rather than being a resouceful, responsible, retrospective media.
Thay can modify or create a news just as author like O.HENRY , the so called father of short stories used to do.
"Is it the shortage of well trained and naturally talented reporters or the plethora of writers in this God's own country..... " just cant decide bout it.

Corruption has corrupted this corrupt society of ours so much that the people supposed to repot corruption , instead themselves are corrupted and report corrupted corruption news..... made some sense of it ? huh... it s all to this that today indians lack patriotism... i feel its because we are hankering over money forgetting our culture and our ethics which are also corrupted now a days.

I really feel ashamed of being a part of such a great community which is being pulled down to a compilation of poor norms... God pls save india... your country the god's own country.


well as every other day even today i spent nearly three hours on net surfing a bit of bioreactor design.Suddenly i realised that su had given me some memoirs of PRAGMATA, after going thru them i promised myself that watever happens ll keep pragmata alive.. may not be in the original form. Also today is pinka s birthday.. so was just going thru my reveries of last year this particular day when pinka himself made it to the hostel.. it feels so happy.... a greater surprise wsthat when i started this doo entered the lab.. yo man i feel the old days are back:-).... except that harry(srihari ) is not here:-(... i miss u a lot dear....
hope i get placed into delloite atleast to look into those inspiring eyes which used to tell me" go ahead am always with you".

love u all seniors n you harry ... better keep intouch
shabba khair, good night

28 June, 2005


life is pretty cool.. just that ke i miss my seniors a lot... somehow gotta great attachment to them. Thank god am done with both my lab exama.. Theory papers begin next monday.... Hopefully i will continue with made in japan the next time coz i have not yet proved my point for the title.. hey am getting late... ciya later... buta before i leave i must sasy srihari s office rocks.. its gorgeous... hopefully if i could make it to delloite... what more can life give me:-)

khuda hafiz
made in japaan

Hi i am back....
Well i chose tha above title because recently i gotta know a lot about family values and ethics in Japan which helped it to develop and transform into a global leader. Just analyze this......
India , completely ruined by the british rule secured the freedom in the late forties...... almost nearly the same time, a country which is just nothing as compared to that of the mammoth India was ruined and shattered by the cruel human flair for power.The Hiroshima & Nagasaki bomb blasts almost removed Japan from the world map.....Both the countries had to develop... had to leave the memories far behind and had to move ahead to become strongholds in this part of the world.India decided to follow the western culture where as Japan ransacked it s own culture to come up with a management strategy of their own and today we see what the results are..... Japan has succeeded and india is still trudging behind..... India lost the game as it was treading or atleast trying to impersonate some oter culture.
Its just not this... Japan is known for its culture, ethics, the passion for work , patriotism, hard work, determination and dedication.
a person working with Honda would say " I am a honda man"... annoncing that he is a part of the honda family.... where as an indian would say" I work for tata" rather than saying "I am a tata man".....
That is the difference freinds.... I request all my Indian brothers and sisters to be audacious to follw indian culture and help India reach the heights as dreamed by Gandhiji,Swami Vivekanda and many others.....

That's it for the day

ciya, khuda-hafiz


23 June, 2005

Hi jc and hell(o) others....

Hiiiiiiiiiii ............!.Believe me this is my first blog .I have been Struggling to start of with this for the past four months ; but the SHUBH GHADI was scheduled for Today.....OOPS sorry .... i mean tonight...... Its 9.30 pm now and i ve typed this first blog of mine for the nearly four times with successfully unsuccessful attempts to post them...... I am really getting irritated.... but one thing i learnt @ SJCE is that pateince and perseverance pays. Life has been great hitherto at SJE and hope the same continues for the last year of my engg. life(hopefully if i dont flunk) making the moments spent here the golden treasure of my MEMOIR PENSIEVE.
That's it .... i cant bear anymore... feeling really tired n sleepy .But before i go a brief overview of the HUSSLE nTUSSLE ON THIS DAY.... 23RD OF JUNE 2006. I HAD THE LAB EXAM TODAY... I had forgotten the title of the lab...... Also as usual i carried on my legacy of being the scapegoat of the lecturer's frustation succesively for the sixt semester. My luck fetched me LVDT characterisics.... an easy one for even a tyro.... VIVA was great, i answered all the questions except the last one :-( ...... But i have many reasons to cheer.... [:-)...Life has been a UTOPIA ... i achieved almost everything i wished , i craved for.....
I think its enough for the day...

good night and SHABBA-KHAIR