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just felt like writing

Hi, I am in Vishal's room counting how many more evenings will I spend in this college. No one knows how's life going to be on the other side of the turn. Hope we get more greener pastures to fulfill our dreams. Right now I am burning F.R.I.E.N.Ds seasons to DVDs. Thanks to Vishal Naik for allowing me to use his system and to write these DVDs. These juniors have become an integral part of life and I am going to miss them. Got the first draft of project report corrected yesterday.I think it will take more time to incorporate these changes compared to the time taken to compose the report. Anyways got lots to do. ciya later..
P.S: Revisited this article after four years on 15/10/2010. Thanks to Sadiya. This post was written in 2006 at a time when I thought no one will ever read what I write. Sadiya, Thank you soooo much for bringing back this lost memory to life