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The holy dip took his breath Away

es Note: This is a work of my imagination and any reference to any person (living or dead) or to a place is purely co-incidental.

Dasappana Kunte (Dassapa’s pond) is a small village that came into existence 15 years ago and has been gaining popularity as a tourist point ever since. Like every tourist point, this village has a story behind it, a divine story.

Fifteen years back this was no village but a small establishment of around 20 families. The only distinguishing feature was the 3-4 feet deep small pool formed by rain water logging and rest all was wild. Since no one bothered to venture on these grounds, the poor families found it a safe haven to settle down.
Dasappa was a small, shrivelled fellow with deep set eyes. He carried a mystic aura and that made people revere him. He had quite a following and his USP: teach people to love!. No, Not the mankind or brotherly love, but tips and tricks to improve your romantic love life. Tips, that will help people keep their romantic life go…

Lets be united

Whatever the outcome of Babri Masjid case, Let us stay United

300 Words: The Escape Plan

This story is written exactly in 300 words

Sylvia was a French agent whose identity was compromised. She was to be taken to the gallows in few days. She called upon the favor of a fellow French man settled in this country but still had a soft corner for his homeland. They devised a plan. She had three months before execution and few other prisoners were to be executed in this period. So, when the next prisoner is executed, the Frenchman would make arrangements for her to hide in the coffin of this prisoner. Later that night, after the coffin is buried, he will help her out of the grave and a horse cab will take her to the countryside. She will be free again.

A few days passed. Then things worked as planned.
Two weeks later, an execution took place on Monday morning. When the high bell rang, she made it to the coffin room and hid into the secret compartment within the coffin. The coffin was taken to burial grounds and buried after the rituals. Excited that she will be free again, she ea…


This is a cartoon strip by Space Avalanche. I loved it and felt it is worthwhile to be shared with all of you

Book Review: It's Not about the Bike

Author: Sally Jenkins, Lance Armstrong Genre: Auto Biography, biography, Motivational, sports

Do you think you have faced hardships? The hardest of hardest? Want to be successful? Do you want to know what it takes to be a star, a true-blue star? Do you want to read a self help book which is as good as any fiction novel? Then Read It’s not about the bike – the story of Lance Armstrong, written by Sally Jenkins.
This book is the autobiography of Lance Armstrong. It talks about his life growing up in Texas. His upbringing by his single mom, the bike and his passion for riding. The hardships he overcomes to become a famous world-class athlete; the threat to end his career in a single stroke - his testicular cancer that spreads across to other body parts and his fight and sheer determination to live and win the most coveted title of the cycling word –Tour de France Championship.
Sally Jenkins is an accomplished sports writer and her prowess is displayed in the way she has portrayed Lance’s li…

Spot the Difference - Answers updated

Just to relive the memories of those good old days from Chandamama and other magazines, I have made a spot the differences graphic.See how many differences you can spot ( Hint: There are more than 10 differences)
Good Luck

The most obvious 10 differences are below: 1) Missing pebbles near leg

2) Extra pebbles near leg

3) Missing lines on the pants of second person

4) Missing line in the middle(top) of the stone

5) A dot on the nose of first Person

6) The shadow of the stone

7) The hammer in the hand of second person

8) Missing ARM band on the hand of first person

9) Extra pearl in necklace of second person

10) Missing leg jewelry in the leg of second person

Spot the rest for yourself ;)

P.S: The remaining answers will be updated after sometime


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Tring Tring.
Me: “Hello, I am Samantha Gaekwad. Welcome to Pelican Business Solutions …….”
No! I am not a call centre employee. I am a receptionist at Pelican Business Solutions. How I happened to land a job here is a controversial story in itself. All I would say is that the wretched recession played kingmaker for all my batch mates and I for sure was not in its good books else, how will you explain me landing this job despite scoring first class and being among top ten scorers.
But I also have to acknowledge my parents contribution to making my life such a successful failure. No, I am not talking about the values they have instilled in me or about my upbringing. I am talking about their genes. Both are good looking people and the genes passed down from two good lo…