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Spot the Difference - Answers updated

Just to relive the memories of those good old days from Chandamama and other magazines, I have made a spot the differences graphic.See how many differences you can spot ( Hint: There are more than 10 differences)
Good Luck

The most obvious 10 differences are below:
1) Missing pebbles near leg

2) Extra pebbles near leg

3) Missing lines on the pants of second person

4) Missing line in the middle(top) of the stone

5) A dot on the nose of first Person

6) The shadow of the stone

7) The hammer in the hand of second person

8) Missing ARM band on the hand of first person

9) Extra pearl in necklace of second person

10) Missing leg jewelry in the leg of second person

Spot the rest for yourself ;)
P.S: The remaining answers will be updated after sometime


Mohan said…
I was able to spot 12 in 60 seconds :)
AweSome Mohan!!
You have Hawk's Eye :)
You missed just a few, a max of three :)
Good Job
Pooja said…
I got only 10 :(..
come on where are the answers?
Answers will be updated by today evening or tomorrow morning the latest.
In the meantime, tell me what are the ten differences you found out?
Pooja said…
i didnt get the missing line in the pants.
however the second person has an extra button on his shirt.
Pooja said…
Oh sorry you did get the pearl necklace/button whatever! I got one more, I counted 10. But now cant recall :P
Pooja said…
Ok now I am spamming lol :P. But I remembered!
On the stone at the top there is a circle carved on the left side (our point of view). In one pic it is indented, in the other its not.
So all in all you got Eleven or twelve??

There are 13 for sure :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
shruthi said…
Wow!...It had been so long since i did those spot the differences.. Simple yet so intriguing.. Kudos! for coming up with this and thanks for sharing it :)
Hausla-afzaayi ka shukriya :)

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