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Tring Tring.

Me: “Hello, I am Samantha Gaekwad. Welcome to Pelican Business Solutions …….”

No! I am not a call centre employee. I am a receptionist at Pelican Business Solutions. How I happened to land a job here is a controversial story in itself. All I would say is that the wretched recession played kingmaker for all my batch mates and I for sure was not in its good books else, how will you explain me landing this job despite scoring first class and being among top ten scorers.

But I also have to acknowledge my parents contribution to making my life such a successful failure. No, I am not talking about the values they have instilled in me or about my upbringing. I am talking about their genes. Both are good looking people and the genes passed down from two good looking people make me more beautiful, an eye-catching beauty. That was the only criteria for my recruitment to this post and nothing else. Who knows, I would be doing something better if I was not beautiful.

It is the month of June and monsoons are back fully loaded. The rains have done a good job this time; it pours day in and day out. I no more enjoy rains the way I used to in childhood. Those were the best days. But now, I have too many things on my mind to be a sport for the rains. You will find a smile plastered on my face through out the day but the gleam in my eyes is missing. I smile as it is a part of my job.

It is pouring heavily as I pack my bag and board the bus for my house. I some how feel lost with nothing going my way. At times, I feel like starting from the start at school and live the life again and today was one of those times. I had a strong urge to get back and all I could do was to get down at my school and walk to home just like the good old days. I open my umbrella and try to walk carefully not to wet myself. I am suddenly reminded how I used to run away from Nikhil when he tried to get me under the umbrella. I used to love to get drenched in rain but today I frown at few drops that barely touch me. What is it that had changed within me?

As I walk, I ponder on how things changed with time. Aunt divorced and dad in jail, the onus of running the family daily chores has shifted to me. I cannot quit the job although I have hated it from the start. The umpteen number of guys who pass by everyday and give me luscious looks embarrassing me and my boss who always tries to hit upon me. I hate them all.

And then there is Anshul, my boy friend who cannot make up his mind to marry me. Sometimes I feel I was too desperate to have a boy friend then, else I do not have taste for spineless creatures. We have been together for five years now and he still lacks the courage to talk to his parents about me.

How good will it be to let go of everybody and everything ? to become carefree again and enjoy my life? Myself and nothing else. Just me and my happiness? But alas!, I give upon it and continue walking. In the meantime, a car zoomed by not caring to slow down at the puddle. As a result, spraying my white dress brown with the muddy water from the puddle.

I was so furious that I let go of the umbrella and started swearing at the long gone car and the driver. By the time I calmed down, I was totally drenched in rain water. I raised my head in despair and few rain drops hit my eyes. Intuitive reaction forced me to close my eyes, but I didn’t look down. I braved the rain and as it hit my face time and again, I felt happy, really happy, just like the old times. What started as a smile, turned into a giggle. After a very long time, I was giggling, enjoying the rain water, without minding the numerous vehicles that passed though the puddle spraying more of the mud water on my dress.

I felt carefree as if nothing has gone wrong and enjoyed that moment. It felt light at heart again. My monsoons had returned and I had rediscovered myself.I walked, jumped, danced and half sprinted in the rain to my house. I knocked at the door like never before. My mom was aghast and angry, both at the same time. She said “Sam, look at the dress. What is wrong with you? You are no more a kid”. I entered the house ignoring her words, hugged her tight and placing a kiss her on cheek, I said “Mamma, surf Excel hai na” and winked.

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Amity said…
You made me smile and am still smiling!

I felt as I was drenched too with the rain! Is this real or fiction? If so, it's too good a story you have shared! I loved it!

All the best for BAT 14!
Dreamer said…
I just loved the way in which the mood changed. Deft handling. Who among us does not want to return to the innocence of childhood? :D
First Impression is the best impression, as soon as I saw this blog with green theme. I loved it and the way you penned down made me smile.. Loved it...

All the best for BAT..

Someone Is Special
Amity, thanks for your wishes. Iam glad you liked it
Brijender Singh said…
Cheeky and cheerful !
And yet,you have managed to retain a firm grip on the realism of life.
Kudos !
Jaspreet said…
A simple yet lovely post.It felt really good to read this somewhat light hearted post amidst all the serious posts that I have read so far.All the best for BAT!
shruthi said…
This ones as sweet and refreshing as the smell of earth upon first showers... best wishes for BAT Mudd:)
Sadiya said…
that's so cute! :)
namit said…
a really nice happy so smiling.. :)

i blog at
This story was just a figment of my imagination :)
I am happy that my writings could produce such a surreal effect :D
@ Dreamer,
I agree with you that all of us want to get back to childhood and get carefree again.
@Someone is special.
You are one of the first people to appreciate my blog theme. Thanks a ton :)
Brijender Singh,
Thanks for such deep observation of my work :)
Thanks. I hope even you are participating in the contest. Good luck to you too :)
Oh miss poetic Shruthi,
Thanks for such kind words :)
Glad that you liked it.
Thanks Bud :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
A great story simple yet moving,a return to innocence and life in the true sense.Truly many among us have forgotten about our simple yet interesting past, in the complexities of the present.A good job done there.
Best of luck for BAT
magiceye said…
lovely tale!
Thanks a ton bud.
Good luck to you too.
Yes, I observe that in day to day life, we elders are too busying trying to address issues in our lives that we forget the small things that make us happy
Thanks for dropping by :)
Maddie said…
Lovely! Loved that Surf excel touch. Nicely written. All the best for BAT! :)
:O), yea, the surf excel touch, glad atleast one person liked it much :)
Pavil said…
The Monsoon Magic. That gr8 cure called Rains :-) I really loved it.
Thanks Pavil,
Yes monsoon magic almost always works( atleast in India/ for Indians) :P ;)
The Fool said…
Should appreciate your richness of portrayal that gave the story an air of realism. very thoughtful of you to pay triubute to those poor receptionists who we tend to ignore or if at all notice with an air of derision.
For such insightful comments. i have been wanting to write about receptionists for quite sometime now
Anonymous said…
Amazing how the rains wash away all ill feelings & bring joy to the recipient !
Yeah Kevin,
At somepoint I myself have personally felt the joy the rains bring, lucky me that i was able to relate that feeling with the topic
Rinaya said…
brought a smile to my face..really nice post.The return of the lost carefree moments of life..small incidents make us realize what we are missing out on..
all the best for BAT :)
Thanks for the wishes.
I am glad that you liked it :):)
Sidra Sayeed said…
loved the skewed logic behind the good genes. I was having a hard time deciphering the tone, sarcasm, sadness, anger and ridicule!
It was throughly mundane yet with a cheery feel to it! =D
Raksha Raman said…
Hello Muddassir!

Refreshing and sweet! The innocence is unmissable! :) The freshness of the post and the light-hearted take on it is as refreshing as a rain in summer. :)

ATB with BAT :D
Now that you mention, even I am not sure if this story has a single tone of narration, but I wanted to have a mix of all in my story and here it is :)
Hey Raksha,
Thank you much for such beautiful words.
I am really glad you liked it :)
A drop of rain did the wonder! Sometimes small things of life, make us change our perspective completely.

sweet post! ATB FOR BAT!

Hey Restless,
Thnks for dropping by
and good luck to you too for BAT :)
D2 said…
Optimism at the end of a story spiked wit a lot of negativity!
Loved it. I was smiling myself by the end of it.
All the best for the BAT.
Thanks D2,
Glad that you love it :)
Simply loved the positiveness of the whole post. :) Following you now!!!
Thanks Siddesh,
Thanks a ton
Kshitij said…
That's such a simple and smooth-read.

The girl was missing a 'trigger', and it came when the car sped away on that puddle. As I always believe, there's a blessing in disguise.

By the way - I really loved the excel waali line.

Good luck buddy.
Yes all of us need triggers.
The missing triggers that make a difference
Karthik said…
A very refreshing post indeed.
Sometimes in life there are no gambits; only vague experiences. And sometimes how little, unimportant things change our attitude!
Kudos, man! Beautifully written. Good luck!
Thanks Karthik
Little things make a mighty difference
Sweta said…
Wow..... i loved the end specially. smiling still.... best of luck for BAT
Thank you very much. Your comments are sweet but still sugarfree :P ;)
swayambhu said…
hey thats beautifully written!!!
Thanks Bud and good luck for BAT :)
Shilpa Garg said…
True, Surf Excel Hai Na!! :))
A lovely post! After all the initial gloom, liked the happiness and joy in the end.
All the best for BAT.
Cheers :)
Thanks Shilpa,
Wish you the same :)

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