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28 August, 2007

About Movies and motivation

I have never considered movies as a source of social reform until late. Ever since I remember Iknow of movies leading people berserk in terms of love, romance, arrogance, style.. all in all complete show biz.. which helped people get flambuoyant and nothing else.

I don't remember even a single movie which motivated people to do something for the society, taught them to be selfless and all. Even if the movies featured on these themes, they had the least of effect on the junta.

The success of Lage Raho Munna Bhai and CHAK DE India!! not only on Box office but their effect on public has also been startling. If people in northern states practised Gandhigiri on roads earlier this year garlanding the ones who broke the traffic rules, the second half of the year is witnessing, youngsters, ladies and lasses pick up hockey sticks and play the game with passion. I say this because I have experienced this.

I had been to my college last weekend. I have never seen the hockey ground with people fully groomed in hockey sports dresses, especially the goal keepers wearing those accessories and all.But for two complete days all I got to witness was that the guys who used to play cricket are showing a new found passion towards hockey, playing hockey day and night.

Tat is seriously great. Our national sport is now getting the much deserved attention atlast.
Ans Now I wonder, if movies could have such an effect why not try something that would help make India a really secular country without any corruption.???


damodarprabhu said...

Intresting post muddu..was thinking of writing something very similar. My experience says that movies definitely post impact upto a certain degree and is usually ephemeral. We can just hope that the Gandhigiri club and the chak de hockey fever stays for longer than shorter time.

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Hey Dam,
I like your blog nice one