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26 August, 2007

26th August 2007

Hi All,
Morning and HAKUNA-MATATA!!

First things first. Today is my brother's birthday and I am back at home to spend some quality time with him but alas, he is sleeping as always. Never mind. The devil within me is Surely upto something. My dear bro is going to pay for it( read as treat, shopping splurge etc etc;)).

I was in Mysore for two days and last night I mounted the bus to Bellary. It was great to be back to my alma mater, which I strongly identify myself with. Few things passed my mind. Memories from the recent past( last 5 years) made me glad and also led a tear or two down my cheek. Its definitely one of the most important phase of my life where I metamorphised my self, transcended and now I am backto ground zero.

My visit to mysore strengthened my will to continue my constant struggle to beat myself at things and emerge out as a better person.

phew... no more philosopy or else people will stop reading "chicken soup for the soul".Just kidding.

Last thing.. this week has been really special. Lotta events.. As already said my bro's b'day and wedding of two fo my batchmates-krupa-from my dept and meghna-my close friend in IEEE Ed-Board and many more things. met mansi and gossiped all stupid things that wont help a mosquito to improve his efficiencies at biting shilpa.

Jokes apart, I have got a long day, so got to go



Manasi S Balagere said...

What the devil ll others understand bout ur mosquitoes' theory? nyways keep it up...