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09 October, 2010

The Receptionist

Context: The below wordings are the musings of an inebriated drunkard to other drunkards he is partying with

There sits a lady wicked
At the gates of heaven and hell
She wears high heels, huge ear rings,
Dark lipstick and rimmed glasses as well.
She has dark eyes, crooked jaw
And sports a snotty smile.
She is corrupt, she is cunning,
She is uncouth, prejudiced and vile.

Sitting behind the ominous desk,
She helps people to their place in afterlife,
Some accept happily
And some others grimace.
There are those who cajole her
Either by gifts or by praise;
To let them pass by
Through the forbidden gates.

We can do the same, my brethren
And change our luck,
Because the game of fate
Is won or lost by a nip or tuck.
There is hope my people
For now let’s sin and rejoice
We can win over the receptionist,
With a deception or devoice.


Sadiya said...

okies im ready haa...n i mus tell you...this probably is the first poem i have read after class 12....most of the time i jus pick on the first line, 2 in the middle and the last 2.....had to mk an exception nw cos i din want to cut a sorry figure....u kno after all my confidence frm yesterday of yea yea deal n stuf...neway so here goes-

the best part i thought was the length of the poem...three breaths and gulped down. yayy. *applause* (no i aint bein sarcastic)

also liked the end....based on past track record me thinks u wanted to put across a stronger i wil try n interpret it hopefully not messin things dis tym-

wat u may hav meant iss....umm...people jus don seem to care abt consequences anymore...deres always a way to BUY goodness....even in small things u kno.....if ur late, u buy chocolates so the other party's crossness calms down....being genuinely good and righteousness by itself is just for least dats wat it boils down to...
i really really hope i havnt gone in an entirely wrong direction.
*nail biting xpression*

d only downside of the post, i think was dat..well it was a poem *hav very poor taste wid it n an even poorer understanding*- *my excuse in case i was wrong*

next time round- public demand se....pretty prose pls! :-)

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Thanks for a wonderful critique again.
I have to say you have interpreted and implied super conclusions.

This poem is all about a personal belief system of a drunkard who is half conscious and who is trying to convince his friends to continue drinking with him, for he is afraid he will have to drink alone otherwise.

To some extent your interpretation is tacitly implied in this poem.
Thanks for being the first one to comment/compliment/criticize this piece of work :):)

CoolNukeAshok said...

FIrst of all "GOOD" work again.
I saw more of Sadiya's perception than urs and thats the beauty of the blog. U get better perspectives.
This reminds me of something: Ur conscience is like the lane line on the road, it tells you what wrong is but does not stop from doing it.

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

That is some saying Ashok.
I think I have heard it myself too but dont remember where :)

Sourav said...

We write from experiences, and I can bet this is from some of yours?

I never knew you are in to poems and prose too, excellent Mudassir!

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Hey Sourav,
Thnaks for dropping by.
I am a dilettante just learning to write in any and every form.
If you can gimme a critical feedback of this poem as well ass other poems, it will help me a lot.
Please do read my ohter poems also, under the poems tab in the menu on the top of the blog.
You write pretty good poems.
Your feedback will help me improvise.

rosun said...

"for now let's sin and rejoice"
Ah! What cynical yet beautiful lines. Loved it!

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Thanks. I had myself forgotten that I wrote this sometime. :) said...

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