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19 July, 2010

PotterMania2020 - The Best Kept Secret

We can never get enough of the magical world and we can never get over the pottermania.”

Right! For all who are done with the harry potter series and shelved the books, time to dust them off and read the books again. Time to get your basics right.

For we are about to enter the magical world of potters, this time fast forwarded to 2020.

People have come, people have gone but their nature remains the same. There are death eaters present even now about 20 years after the greatest dark wizard ever Lord Voldemort was defeated and killed. Some of these death eaters are into hiding, some others are trying to get along and the rest continue to trouble muggles and the weak. The order of the phoenix still continues to thrive to keep the bad wizards at bay and establish peace.

But something is wrong with the minister of magic. He is planning to go open to the muggle world. To let all the non magical folks know about the existence of the clandestine magical world. The death eaters are supporting the Minister and so are the FMIO - For Muggle Involvement Organization.

You find it interesting so far? I bet you do.

This is the premise on which the site best kept secret is built.

Check it out here:

It is a wonderful site , the plot especially keeps you hooked right?

Equally good are the role plays and the character details you get once you sign up. This site gave me a chance to relive the experiences of those best twelve years of my life. I am glad that this site has been made.

I am sure you will enjoy it too. Go have a look and join the bandwagon.


Ayesha Farheen said...

hmmm. let me visit and see. I will give u my feedback then :)

Ayesha Farheen said...
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Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Hey sis,
Just check out this site. I am sure you will love it :)

Md. Muddassir Shah said...
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Md. Muddassir Shah said...

And Yes,
You can use this plot as a premise for your next story :)

sayedkhadri said...

Thanks for sharing.. I will visit and share my comments , I am also a big fan of HP Series..

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Sure Sayed. :)
I hope u like it

Sakhi said...

Wow, you're on this site? Who are you?

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

hey Sakhi,
Did you join this site?
Are you also a part of it?

Sakhi said...

I have been a part since it started. I'm Albus Potter on the site (I'm a site mod also...and I helped create the plot...)
So, who do you play?

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

That is awesome.
I joined in recently as a muggle.
Need to check my details yet :)

I always wanted to catch hold of the people who created the site and congratulate them.

Now that I have found you, I will say.
hearty COngratulations. You have done a wonderful job with the site.
Convey this to others on your team as well

Sakhi said...

Haha, thank you very much. Its more Ashton than me though. :) I love this site...I can't believe how surprised and pleased I was when I saw your blog post.

A muggle sounds very interesting. Look forward to seeing you on the site.

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

The site is very well made. the least I could have done was to let other pottermaniacs now about it.
Hope you liked waht I have written about your site:)

Sakhi said...

Ok, just to clarify - it's not exactly 'my site', in the sense that I didn't make it or anything. I just help to make sure its running because I love it.

On the other hand, I loved what you wrote about the site. :) Its awesome of you to promote it on the site.

So, are you a big harry potter fan? Are there other series you'd like to roleplay? Because if you enjoy roleplaying there are many different areas of it.

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

As i earlier said,you are the closest I could get to the owners of the site, so the words 'your site'.

Talking of Role Play I would love the following series

1. Lord Of The Rings.
2. GodFather Series.
3. SHerlock Holmes ( I know there isnt much of Role play here)
4. Jeeves Series by P.G. Wodehouse.

Sakhi said...

I got what you meant, just didn't want to take undue credit. :)
Anyway, go to this site: and go to Your Board: Advertise, then the roleplay/fansites should find many interesting sites. By becoming a member you can even put an ad that others will answer.
Hope it helps.