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24 July, 2010


It was torn apart,
By the vehement and intrepid wind,
Though Unwilling, it had to depart
From its family and its rind.

It was atlast going to rest
After the hard and long toil.
It had risen form earth's crest
And now it was going back to the soil.

It swirled and it swayed
Whenever the wind gave it a jerk,
"I want to descend in peace" it prayed,
But the wind made it go berserk.

Those sultry summers and serene spring,
It had begun to recall;
The joy those happy moments bring
It thought, would lighten its fall.

It thanked God, for having made it a leaf,
For those jolly days and life on a tree,
Though it was short and brief;
For having bound it then and now let it free.

With this prayer it landed to be crumpled
by some feet, some hooves or some toe
And then the pieces to be blown away and humbled
Surely, the wind has proved to be its greatest foe.