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24 August, 2010


As I was reading through the blogs, a post by Purba Ray set my grey cells ticking (no, these days they are off work. On strike actually, a rebellion against the insult done to them by the kind of mundane office work I challenge them with).

Let me give you the background first. My brother is the eldest in our generation amongst all my cousins and I am the second-in-command. So I have not had the pleasure of having an elder sister (No bhayya, I am not complaining about you). After reading Purva’s blog post, there is this question I want answered – Who would you prefer to have, given a chance – Elder or younger sister?

Let me try to list down few points
1)      You have an Elder sister and you may get a caring and loving second mom like character but you have a younger sister and in you are in the hot seat to give her fatherly care.
2)      You can always wrestle your way around with elder sister (as observed in case of my friends) but  very difficult to skip across a younger one.
3)      You easily share all your secrets with an elder sister. Do you do the same with a younger one? I ain’t sure about it.
4)      Unlike elder brothers who are strict and restricting, elder sister may be otherwise. Not very sure on this but have seen cases both to support and dispose of this argument.

One may go on queuing points to this list without an end. But all said done, elder or a younger sister, you are lucky to have one. It is an honor and responsibility alike.L ife is real fun and memorable growing up and growing old with them. I pity all those who don’t have sisters, for they have missed a very fulfilling experience.
Happy  RakshaBandhan. Love you sis JJ


shruthi said...

Well said :)
The ones who are most lucky are those who have both elder and younger siblings..You see, they get a bit of both worlds!..Elder one will take care of all your needs and you get to have all the fun with your younger one :)

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

well said.
I am sure you dont have such experiences :)