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15 August, 2010

Common Wealth Games -Road Ahead

First of all, hearty wishes on the 64th Independence Day. A peculiar thing I have observed is that, rather than Independence day, all over the media the hot topic being discussed is CWG 2010.

Yes, I totally concur with all those who say that CWG is in a big time mess and No, I don’t agree that we must give up organising CWG. Despite all said and done, everything is not lost. Some patches here and there and we will be able to pull out a decent show at least and save our face. I try to list down the DO s for the road ahead with CWG           

1)      First and foremost, we are being watched by the entire world and history is being written. Let’s all have an optimistic outlook and go ahead and give our best.
2)      Our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. ManMohan Singh must intervene and try to touchbase with all the concerned people and stop the media from pulling the panic button.
3)      The Media has a great role to play. Going ahead with the point one, the media must help build a positive attitude and atmosphere and build the spirit among all Indians.
4)      Despite all the proclivities, all the concerned ministries must take action and a central investigating committee must be set up. The sporadic investigations must culminate into a single big investigation directly under PMO’s supervisation.
5)      It will be foolish to replace Mr.Kalmadi with less than 50 days to go.Rather, put someone else along with him with equal powers as Mr Kalmadi and make them both divide and speed up the progress and ramp up the team with extra resources from different ministries to get things moving Ed Pronto.
6)      The vision for organising CWG in India has to be revisited. The aim was to help build other sports and games (apart from cricket) in India. We have to have that vision in sight and a separate team from sport ministries to be set up to carry on with this goal as we move ahead with the CWG preparations.

Reading the cover story of newspapers today, I feel, Mr Prime Minister has already started breathing oxygen and resuscitating the merely surviving CWG games and It’s our task now to help build the positive atmosphere.
Let’s hope we dance to the tunes that will make the world applaud our efforts.

Jai Hind.


Anonymous said...

Nice Post.
U have lined out the action items pretty good and clean but you dont go in detail in addressing any issues.
There are so many issues from grounds and infrastructure not being ready to other arangements.
You could have suggested some detailed solutions.

I like your idea of putting someone with equal power along with Kalmadi, that is innovative I must say. Though how it would work, no one can say but yes, we have to atleast put up a decent show

- Prasad Nayak

Md. Muddassir Shah said...
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Md. Muddassir Shah said...


yes, the point is there are too many things to go in details.
yes I chose to be shallow because, you need an overall action plan first.Infrastructure, accomodation facilites, administrative facilites, telecast rights and lot of corruption, yes there are too many issues - political, economical and social issues, associated with this CWG.Too many issues to be addressed in a single blogpost.
So first lets have an action plan and then go into details

Ayesha Farheen said...

I dont think it is a wise decision to let Kalmadi be at the helm of things. With his attitude we wont reach anywhere near to even the take off of CWG. What we need is a CEO for CWG 2010, a professional, probably from Indian private sector who has demonstrated abilities in disaster control and recovery. Only such a person could lead the CWG'10 to success.

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

I agree with you on the point that there must be someone who is experienced in disaster recovery and control. But, we are in such dire situations that he/she alone won't be able to pull out this act alone. We need kalmadi to know what and where has gone wrong, only then this person will be able to change gears and set things right.
I am sure with the intervention of our Prime minister today, the track of the CWG organising committee has already started steering in the right direction

JAY said...

My opinion,

Dissolve the OC of CWG with immediate effect, pending inquiry into alleged malpractices.

Retaining Mr. Kalmadi till the end of the games can be disastrous. Think about it. Every time, he is facing media, all that they prompt him is to speak about the alleged malpractices. Is that what we want the media around to hear about India and CWG ?

Can somebody please restore the emphasis of CWG back to the sportsperson to whom it rightfully belong to ?

ps: 'Times NOW' ki Jai Ho. Somebody dares to take the battle to unscaled heights...

shettennavar said...

That corruption has become a way of life in India can hardly be denied. You are right when you call for positive and corrective actions on the part of both the government and the media in order to hold the prestige our country high.

By the way I came to know of the widget linkedin from your site. Thank you.

CoolNukeAshok said...

I ain't wanna tell anything great coz all is said and told.
Everyone knows how the IPL committee responded for the security issues and very quickly worked on different venues. I ain't pointing at changing venues but the speedy course of action that will help.
Think about it... Media archives can prove helpful.


Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Jayanth,Regd the media thing, that is what my thrid point says, media ahs to act responsible and keep aside the alleged malpractices and be a catalyst not a hindering force in going ahead with the arrangements.

THink of all the troubles we will be into if we stop availing the services of the man who lead to this mess. So we need him to help improvise and better understand the session

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Glad that my site has been of some use to you :).

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

I totally agree with you Ashok, Probably they could involve some teams from IPL committee. I am beign careful in my words, i dont want to say someone because we know tat someone will be Mr lalit Modi and even he is facing the same allegations

Anonymous said...

I in reality loved this incandescent article. Humour continue this alarming work. Regards, Duyq.