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11 June, 2010

I didn't lose the keys

I have developed this unique ability to lose/misplace the keys everytime I am honored with the onus of handling the keys. 

Whenever, wherever keys go missing, people turn to me with an awful irritated look, a tacit question in their eyes “Where the hell have you placed the keys now? Sad, but true; I have become synonymous with the loss of keys.

Every time I visit my native, I turn the house upside down, everyone running around, ransacking every nook and corner for the Scooty pep, Bajaj boxer or some other keys. While at hostel I misplaced the room keys; at home, I misplace the cupboard keys. While visiting one of the umpteen friend’s brother/sister/cousin marriages, I have misplaced the room keys meant for the bride and bridegroom on the night of their marriage. During trips and outings, I have lost the hotel room keys and in college, I lost the auditorium and seminar hall keys.

Phew!!  The scroll of honor grows bigger by day.

It is as if the memory of keys evades me. I am sure my brain has developed bad sectors in the memory area responsible for holding the instructions about keys.

But, for a change, I didn’t misplace the keys last week. They were safely placed in my hip pocket after I locked the door. I return from mosque after prayers and to my utter dismay the door doesn’t open. It was around 9 P.M and my brother with his Goliath like body overshadowed me flaring with a question in his eyes “Where are THE KEYS?” I handed him the keys and grinned from ear to ear. The  evidence was so strong that I didn’t even need to plead NOT GUILTY. All he could do was withdraw from me. Still angry, he smashed his shoulder into the door aka bollywood style. “This is not a filmi door” I managed to mutter under breath. He probably realized it and thanks to some good neighbors, we located a key maker and entered the house through the safety door.

The real culprit was the auto locking mechanism. It was jammed, not sure how. My Brother was cursing the system and I was silently thanking it for saving me from another disgraceful embarrassment.


shruthi said...

lolz :)...wish the bride n the groom get their revenge time soon :P

Pavithra said...

New to your blog. I have been reading up your older posts as well!I am known for losing hankies :P So now I have chosen the easier way out. I only use tissues now. No girly hankies to lose anymore :D Hope your way with keys gets better :)

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

I am sure they ll remember me through out their life.

Regarding the revenge, I wont bet on tat :P

Md. Muddassir Shah said...


How I wish there was a tissue like replacement for the keys :P

I hope you enjoy reading through my blog.

Ayesha Farheen said...

I know what happened after you lost the keys. good thing bade bhai was not in bad mood

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

you dunno the complete story. i will tell u sometime. remindme