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02 April, 2006


wat started as a formal chat with srihari three years ago, today leaves me with memoirs to cherish along with tears in my eyes. its 5.00 A M in the morning AND i am keying this on a laptop from SJCE auditorium. oh , also its second of april 2006. The third day day of Cyberia.

felt a great wave surge thru me today. All the punters of SJCE , who used to be the elite of college and ieee as well were here to cherish these moments. We all had been to dinner (jungle dhaba ), a memorable ride in avati s gypsy.
actually i am very busy, shapiung the second round of gene hunt. But felt i had to share with someone when everyone around is asleep except karthik who is accompanying me.
anyways i will be back later a tell u the details
good morning