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26 April, 2006

farewell did indeed fare wll

Perhaps few people are lucky enough to have sweet memories to carry ahead and i am very grateful to god for being one who has recieved so much of love and affection that tears roll down my eyes asking me to hold the moment and halt the time.

its 26th of April 2006, wednesday, 11 pm at and i am keying this from a desktop , computer lab , SJCE and wondering how much will i mis everything here.
i was meant to be gregarious and i am.

our juniors had arranged for a send off party today...
venue : hotel Grand Mourya
it was fun being there.. infact i was the luckiest today, something which had flown far away from me on august 5th, last year..
i bagged the first prize in musical chair, my group ponkies turned out to be the best group and luckily i managed to be something called as "Mr. GENE", shruti got the Ms gene title.. vinutha and others made me look like ARCHIE, with a crown and a label saying i am Mr. Gene.