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New year Wish list

This Post has been written for Anubhooti and Blogeshwar

Every year I go through these feeling on this particular day. However hard I try, I fail to name these feelings.
I am not sure if it is something happy or sad. I don't know If I pound my fist in the air to cheer myself or I place my palm on my heart and console myself.
To avoid all this confusion, I look for a diversion. I ransack my cupboard, my shack and my junk yard; catch hold of a pen,  pick up a notepad and start thinking.....
What should my new year resolutions be?  Should I have resolution(s)? Let me see the last time I was resolute about the resolutions?? ....
I think blank, in particular about nothing. Shooting in the dark I successfully manage to kill the early hours of the morning when everyone is sleeping tight after partying hard the previous night. Bored of this futile attempts to bring some sanity in an otherwise directionless life, I get busy doing nothing, more often I sit and watch TV and disturb the rest.
This is how I generally spend the first morning of Every New year.

Ok enough of the gibberish, that doesn't concern this post.  I plan to do something different this year. Now, I have caught hold of a text editor and a key pad and I am keying in the 10 things I would like to be AMENed this year (Inspired by my  friend Khalid's post). So without much ado, here I go

  • First and foremost, Less and less of bollywood flops. Movies worth watching and the ones that make a difference.
  • India wins the ICC world cup - Yes despite all the cricket bashing I do for having killed the rest of sports and games, I am an Indian and I would love to watch India win the world cup with Sachin and with(out) Dhoni :) 
  • Our Country India being Inducted in the UNO security council.
  • More and better books from Indian authors and Diaspora.
  • Arsenal and Nadal to rise to glory and become the ultimate champions.
  • Better Bureaucrats and politicians who can steer our country to be the world leaders.
  • Responsible media who stop running behind TRPs; putting journalism to shame and making mockery of news reporting - Aishwarya ke billi ko sardi lag gayi- No more of such nonsene.
  • Put my camera to use and pursue wild life photography.
  • Pursue dreams to be an entrepreneur or atleast change the job; get a life :)
  • Committed Blogging - Write more and read much much more, follow more blog(ger)s.

I hope I get all my wishes granted.

and I hope you get all your wishes granted too :)
Wishing you a prosperous and eventful year, may you rise in glory and glam and be successful in all your endeavors.

Happy New year 2011 !!!!


shruthi said…
God got angry the moment you wrote "without dhoni"!... Now no Amen until u amend tat little wish :)
May your wishes be fulfilled this year....:D
Alka said…
I have never understood the logic behind New Year resolutions...

Have a great year.
You decide what is important to you, Dhoni or world cup and then pray for it :P
@Siddesh Bhai,
Thanks much and wish you a happy new year too :)

Resolutions are an elusive enigma )
Me neither understands them.
lets just enjoy the new year.
Greetings to you :)
Khalid said…
Glad to see the mentioning of my name in your blog :)
Hope the wishes come true though a small correction in a wish suits me well i.e.. with(out) Sachin & with Dhoni :)
RaNiiiiii said…
good post Muddassir.. i liked the wish list.. i hope it comes true :D happy new year and gud luck with blogeshwar
@Khalid Bhai,
I love both DRAVID and SACHIN :)
Dhoni doesnt matter much, I dont think we are anymore dependent on his luck :D
Thanks for dropping by :)
and wish you happy new year too.
Been a bit busy and havent read all the entries yet.
Thanks for dropping by :)
and wish you happy new year too.
Been a bit busy and havent read all the entries yet.
Purba said…
Wishful thinking and why not? Have a Happy New Year.
Thanks much. Your wishes mean a lot.
And congrats for blogadda and blogjunta pick
Anonymous said…
May your wishes full fill this year!
Happy New Year :)
Thanks and wish you the same brother
Sourav said…
That was some well thought out wishes, but I disagree with one; the world cup should be lifted by Dhoni! :p

Yes, you should write more and often. Wish you lots of luck, wishes from this year and the contest too :)

PS - Gf nai banana, ya pehle se hai? :p
Arre GF to wishlist mein bhool hi gaya.

We are better off without MS dhoni :P
Sweta said…
Amen.... :)
and best of luck for blogehwar!
subtlescribbler said…
i love to watch new items like 'aishwarya ki billi ko sardi lag gai' and 'manav janwar ghoom raha hai jangalon mein'...they r such great fun :P

ur wishes reveal a lot about u...hope they r fulfilled in the coming months inshallah :)

good luck for the contest!!
Thanks a ton.
Attended indiblogger meet?

You like such news explains a lot about you being a medical student :)

May allah grant all our wishes true
This comment has been removed by the author.
vivek said…
quite a list u have brother but sadly, am afraid, most of ur wishes wont be fulfilled..
bollywood will continue to make nonsense.. cricket i dont care much.. china wont let us become a permanent member.. nadal has already risen to glory :P our politicians steering ur to glory.. huh!!! they will steer themselves to glory.. they have already done that i mean.. aishwarya ke billi ko shardi.. damn!!! and if may tell.. wildlife n photography is quite a passion for me too.. get into it bro.. n share u clicks.. god bless u..
subtlescribbler said… no!! medicine and likings for such weird things are two opposite issues actually..infact weird is the word thats common and i'm not shy to admit that :P
nehow, i came back becoz of the realization that i m NOT ur follower till now!! but no more now....


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