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05 November, 2006



I was not able to figure out the reason.. then as our pulsar slowly dragged us through i had the reason..URVASHI THEATRE which was screening umraa-o-jaan.. But then 6.30 pm is no time for a movie show to end or a fresh show to start!!.. I was getting furiated the furore but then, as i scanned sideways, my muscles contracted and expanded not letting me control my smile. The mayhem , the traffic jam was all about HELMETS. The jam was due to the reason that there was not enough place to park the vehicles. All people were calling upon the vendors who sold the helmets. There were all types of helmets.. various colors, various shapes and sizes to suit thte taste of the people. Ever since the law has been passed making helmets compulsory, people are moving around cribbing and balming the government wihtoout understanding the fact that to abide by the law is for our own safety, but again we indians will never change!! :)
there were people moving in and out of Megha enterprises, A.N enterprises some carrying the helmets, some wearing the helmets and other were even getting it packed and wrapped in glossy papers. Probably they may serve as better seaonal gifts. The only happy people were these vendors who were long awaiting this moment. They were beaming and gleaming with smiles all happy to serve their customers.All in all it was a great time for these people.. as i rightly said
"Fiesta le helmette".
Fine i better stop boring you people.. keep hanging around.. lotz more to come.
allah hafiz


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