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14 October, 2005

GRAPHOLOGY- The Art of analysing handwriting.

Have you ever wondered about a science which could determine your character from alpha to omega just analysing your HAND WRITING!!!
NEVER? Then this is the right time.Get started into an amazing world of science where you ll enjoy determining the character of people just lookin at their writing.
JUST KEEP READING MY BLOG FOR NEXT TWO WEEKS AND BINGO YOU VE IT. You ll be a learned professional in this field beginning fron an amatuer tyro.
So get ready to go ROLLER COASTER :).

Understanding Graphology:
Your handwriting develops right from childhood. When you write, your pen is under the control of the muscles of your fingers, hands and arm. All these body parts are under the control of your mind. The manner in which the words are eventually formed by the pen must bear a direct relationship to the mind that guides their formation. Each vibration of movement is unconsciously directed by the brain, so we can judge the mental state of the writer. It is a guide to the will power, intellect and emotions of a person.
For an accurate analysis, written text should have been written in a natural manner and the effort should not be deliberate. The best samples are business letters or notes


Graphotherapy is a form of reverse psychology accomplished through handwriting exercises specifically designed to bring about more desirable personality traits. By doing these exercises, you are accomplishing a gradual retraining of your subconscious mind.
Graphotherapy has been clinically proven that changes in your handwriting causes a change in your personality. If the desired changes are practiced long enough with your handwriting it becomes a permanent personality change.

Thoughts and emotions transmit via your motor reflex muscles and shape the size, form, and pressure of your script, and are inter-linked with your mind. It is natural that changing one will bring a change in the other.
Fear and inhibition is show by left-slanted handwriting.

Graphology : just 16 Simple Indicators

1.Large broad upper loops are a sign of emotion.

2.Right-pulled lower loops show interest for the good of others.

3.Left-pulled upper case shows a fondness for the past.

4.Uneven upper loops show changeable satisfaction, or disillusionment.

5.Full left-pulled lower loops show physical fulfilment.

6.Closed ‘e’s and other small closed central loops show secrecy.

7.‘Stand-alone’ or properly formed ‘s’s at word ends show independence.

8.Word-end ‘s’s where top of letter is formed into downward right loop show a yielding or co-operative nature.

9.Angular central case is a sign of an interest in ideas rather than people.

10.Rounded central case shows interest in people.

11.Uncompleted case letters, eg ‘a’s, ‘b’s etc., (open when they would normally be joined loops) show a casual nature; very open shows propensity to gossip.

12.Small writing is generally a sign of technical personality.

13.Loops in angular writing show a potentially difficult character.

14.‘T’ cross strokes connecting a number of ‘t’s with a single line shows speed of thought (but not a guarantee of correct thinking).

15.Omitted ‘i’ dots and ‘t’ cross strokes shows forgetfulness or carelessness.

16.Position and style of ‘i’ dots show different things:

-Directly above, close to and in line means exacting.
-Ahead means active and thinking.
-Flicked shows sense of humor.
-Behind shows thoughtful.
-Inconsistent (varying positions) means a distracted mind.


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meghna said...

gud analysis...but one thing i dont understand ...
does changing ur style of writing (on purpose) even change ur personal traits??????
lemme give an ex:
say u write closed e's...u realise thatz a sign of being secretive...and dont wanna be so..
in case u change the style to a properly looped 'e'...does it mean u r no longer secretive?

Muddassir said...

Good question MEG.
But lemme remind u that the way one writes individual characters/alphabets is purely based on his or her state of mind.
Now coming to your question.One may try to change the way he or she writes the letter 'e'.But it can be done carefully when someone is writing WITH UTMOST CARE WHICH IS NOT NATURAL. When someone starts of with his natural flow of scripts then his character and his thoughts are depicted as he/she cannot be so patient or careful to change the way one writes the individual characters.YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT IF YOU WISH BY TRYING TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU WRITE ANY ALPHABET

Muddassir said...

Also if one is so intended as to change his writing styles then surely that person will display a change in character:)

meghna said...

thnx mud...quite convincing...
next time i feel i need 2 change my mindset or character...i'll start with the handwriting...i've the shortcut now!!hahahaha..