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20 February, 2011

Facebook does it again

Facebook has grown into a power to reckon with no doubt about it, but its mass approach, to sweep every possible person into its molds is something that worries me. I am afraid it will end up becoming another Orkut. Or it may not. But this post is not to discuss where facebook is going but an afterthought based on yesterday’s facebook plan to upgrade the fan pages.

Some experts say this was coming, this was expected. Facebook is retiring FBML, the reason? We can all only guess. One of the quotes I heard on a tweet meet was that facebook got jealous of people making more money using the FBML fan pages than facebook could itself make. To some extent this is true. A recent survey shows that around 8000 businesses were successfully thriving on facebook fan pages and FBML and many many Individuals. From designing FBML fan pages, to plugins, polls, contact form, CSS layouts, tabs, analytics and much more. Companies like Poll daddy, Iwipa and many other big names will get a blow and will need to redesign their business that were tailored for facebook.

“People were getting too comfortable with FBML and facebook is not going to give it out to people” says a friend of mine who is newbie social media addict but a very good critic and a born analyst. This is very true. Others also say that the day facebook announced changes to user profiles, they guessed that fan pages and groups will be next.

There is a positive side to this. Facebook will grow from being a markup language based web to a more structured and organized IFrames oriented system. These changes also come in the wake of the newly announced Facebook mail. Technical analysts and bloggers say that facebook wants to include fb mail and possibly be integrated with facebook fan pages there by giving a chance to the development on Mini sites and inbuilt websites for businesses. If this analysis is true, google is in for a huge blow. For if this comes true, then facebook will monopolize the web; at least the business end of it.

All I can say is that I find us to be at another interesting turn of history. All we can do is wait and watch and may be even contribute when history is being made. For all we know, a new power may rise and take away the glory from the facebook, apple, google and others of their sort.

This post was originally written for Blogjunta and has been reproduced here with permission.

13 February, 2011

Falling in love is not a one time affair

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Well, I am not the right person to write on this topic. Because I do not believe in the pre-marriage romance the much celebrated love of the youth and all that non-sense. But then the topic asks us to support or oppose the stand that love is a one time affair. I will try and write something meaningful. But be warned. I am very pathetic with this stuff. If you get bored some where, then I suggest you stop reading.

Mr. Jayanth, the author of the kick off post writes:
"To love someone means to hold your partner at a special place and according the highest concern and regards. The passion for the partner never reduces and the feeling is eternal. The special one is placed above self and their position is irreplaceable"

Very true. But then it is a circumstantial statement, not true in all cases. Love and its depth have been time and again redefined depending upon the people and age. For example in the current period, we have the college kids in the age group of 15-22, the young employees 22-28, the married youth 28-34, the middle age 34-45 and the old 46 and above. 

In the current day scenario every age group has its own definition of love. In the first two age groups, especially love is more about physical relationship, short term flirtations, break-up and move on to a new crush. Please underline the point that they are in majority. For such a group, do you think the point highlighted in blue stands true. 

No I don't think. For some, in the age groups of married youth, middle age and the old, I firmly believe that the highlighted point stands true for some.  There are still people who are true lovers and for them the first love would mean everything in heart and mind that cannot be dethroned. The nurture their feeling for the first love through out the life. But the Gen-X, cunning mean and with their shoe lace morality wouldnt stand the tests of time, give in to the stress, turn to wrong means and then end up getting a new person to replace the X. Next some Y will replace the X so on and so forth.

So My thoughts are that
"For a majority in the current day, Love is not a once in life time affair"