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Adam, do you wanna be a woman?

As soon as I was comfortably seated in the bus on Tuesday evening, I plugged in the earphones and tuned into Radio one 94.3 FM.Pavithra was running this 'Get-on-the-air" thing and getting opinions on the topic "Given a chance to swap genders, would men like to be women?" and this prompted the below musing (Ironically :0) ).
With "Do Dil Mil Rahe hain' from Pardes running in the background,I took a jog down the memory lane. Boy, I must say, that it was not at all surprising that at more than one instance I have heard frustrated grunts and gripes from my friends (Boys and men) that how they would have preferred to be women just to get out of the situation which led such thoughts creep into their minds. My observation says that their views on this topic have been purely circumstantial.
The long queues in School and college to pay fees, collect hall tickets, some society books, CET forms, movie/show tickets; the reservations in engineering/medical colleges, the …