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07 May, 2011

Through the window Pane

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Mr. Q was sitting  handcuffed in the  federation police car. He stared out the window of the car.It was raining heavily. His overcoat soggy and wet made him feel cold. A shiver ran up his spine. He was reminded of a similar scene, but different times and a different place.

His sordid and nonchalant father had returned home drunk, lost money on betting and the frustration was being shown on his mother. What started with a blow or two ended into his father battering his mother to death. Many things happened in succession, he was too young to comprehend. His father was unaware that his better half had breathed her last, there were police and medical people. A kind hearted monk had taken him to the car waiting outside. It was raining heavily.He had stared through the mist and water droplets on the car window as he was driven out .... and .... and next... the dream ended in he waking up sweating and breathing heavily.

He has had this dream for about 30 years and he was going crazy. He wanted to put an end to it , to the dream; to see what happens once the car moves. The sole reason he committed the crime today for an otherwise decent and regular Joe.

He had drunk, lost lot of money in poker, hired a call girl and then beaten her to death! Just to see beyond the point when he woke up and now was the time. He was seated in the car looking through the dew drops on the window pane, eagerly waiting and hoping to see what is to come next? 
This is it! The end to his trauma and troubles. He will at last see the end of his dream, end of his nightmares. He will be able to sleep peacefully again. He waited and waited.

Nothing spectacular happened! Nothing at all. The car was driven to the state penitentiary and he was thrown in to a solitary cell

He was lost for words. Sitting in a secluded cell in one of the most guarded prison he retrospected....
Did his father really kill mother? Was his father a drunkard? By the way, who was his father?
He had never known his parents at all..... Then why was he lured into the dream for the past 30 years? thinking all the while that his father had killed his mother?

Was it his father or he himself who killed the woman in his dream? Was it a premonition?
Was the dream planted into him? Did he really dream of it for 30 years or was he drugged to believe that?

How can he find out? Only one way....
Once released from the prison he will have to do it again...
Kill another innocent person on rainy day and stare Through the window pane..... again !!

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Image - Window Rain Drops by Eric Alder
Courtesy - via