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My First IndiBlogger Meet

Do you live in a dream world? I do.

Brandbull, msigeek, Leo, Avada kedavra, Evil Me, anshprat, dhempe, dkris, flyfiddlesticks, addy, Mag[m] are few of the people I know by name. I had not met them, not before yesterday. I knew they were of my kind, unique and special –netizens, bloggers and crazy freaks. I had known them through blogs, twitter and other online social forums. I related with them and I knew they relate with me.

When Indiblogger announced that there will be a blogger’s meet @ Bangalore, it was a special feeling. I was participating in an Indimeet for the first. I would at last meet these people in person, see them in blood and flesh, talk to them, share with them and enjoy. It is rare to spend time anticipating what all could take place when you meet the people for the first time.Especially with the kind of work pressure my Mundane and routine jobs offers me. But I happily whiled the time day-dreaming and believe me it was worthwhile.

There will be many posts detailing the nitty gritty stuff about the meet and I do not wish you add extra garbage bytes to the digital memory space this post will take up.

I will try and make it different. Someone made a comment that we are a diverse group and oh boy! It was diverse group of about 250 odd people sitting there on the 7th floor of Fortune Park JP celestial.

Diversity of religion – Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Chrisitan and atheists.

Regional diversity –Kannadigas, Tamilians, Malyalis, Punjabis, and many from north India

Professional Diversity – IT folks, PR, branding, creative directors, students to revenue officers

Age classification – The youngest fellow was 16(not sure if it was 14) and (g)oldest was 63

Sex – Male and female period.

Thanks to the HP folks for helping make the event techjazzy and of course the effort of team Indiblogger to have live streamlining of tweets and tweeples in laudable.

Mr. Anoop was one of his kind breed. He irritated, insulted, abused, annoyed and agitated people but his words made us laugh and roar. He has a good sense of humor. The introductions round , 30 seconds of fame, gave insights into what everyone of us is and it was a fun event, everyone showing of their lighter side; trying to make people laugh. Few succeeded beyond measures and most of us were Dud failures to make people laugh.

Next we had the famous write-on-your-back Live and let live comments round for more interactions with our fellow bloggers followed by snacks –delicious Samosas I say. Then, there was a presentation by HP followed by a session on Moblogging and appeals for social causes; not to forget indipolice putting forward the issues about content on Indiforum.

The presentation by HP about next gen data and printers was simply awesome. It gave me insights as to where we are heading. I am glad they launched their cloud printing concept in our meet. It was a great honor to be a part of history in making. My friends simply loved the cloud printing concept when I mentioned it to them.

I simply loved the segment (which I believe was not on Agenda) were appeals were madefor social causes – Sanskrit Online, Civil Defense, pollution prevention and a case study –opportunities for different ability people on the net. Who says we the crazy freak bloggers are not socially conscious?

I want to thank HP for whole heatedly for showering us with the printers and other gifts (though I won nothing but the IndiShirt that was given to everyone). There was a photography contest where people where capturing Photos and mailing them. Tweets were flowing around and people were blogging right from the venue.

If I was Harry potter then this would definitely be my Howgrats. I could never thank Indiblogger and their partners/sponsors enough for giving me this opportunity to meet my kinsmen.

My friends at the event were carrying all kind of gadgets – Ipads, smart phones, iPod etc. Everyone was busy growing their network - taking snaps, mailing them to one another; exchanging the twitter handles and tweeting right away, getting the facebook IDs and making friends online. You won’t believe if I say that there was a tweet about going to restroom and another tweet asking not to tweet about your restroom adventures. Amongst all this Euphoria, I was running around as a person from another age and another period, carrying a pen and pocket book to make friends. No, I cannot use my phone to do all this, probably it is the most primitive mobile phone available in market, I am not even sure if it is available these days.

That is when I realized, I needed a smart phone that would help me lead a life like I want to. Make friends on the fly, tweet whenever I feel like, capture the precious memories as photos and mail them to friends. And what better than the new One touch Net Docomo Alcatel Phone.

Docomo. Here I come. Keep my life (the smart phone) ready.


Unknown!!! said…
wah! well written..feels like being there and seeing the whole thing understood that its a must to attend meet...thanks for sharing
Yep Buddy,
Hyderabad, Kolkatat, where ever is the next meet. I suggest you attend it :)
Lakshmi Rajan said…
That was quiet a neat round up of the meet. And glad to meet my co-chaiwala there! :)
Thank you so much LR :)
Do remember to mail me the photos :)
Saras said…
That was really neat and crisp MS!
And you still havent told me what was in the second package? ;)
Saras said…
That was the most precious Gift I ever received! A Device to hear my own voice, "HP Portable Speakers", lol.
s.H.a.S.h.I said…
hey muddassir nice meetin u... nice review..
That is simply awesome
hey Shashi,
Thanks man.
I am really looking forward to stay in touch :)
Sujith said…
Hai, nice post. Thanks for sharing the indimeet experience.
TechlineInfo is simply superb.
Kudos for having such a good site :):)
nice post, wonderful site ... this is the first time i am here.

Now I am looking forward for the Hyderabad meet.
My advice . Dont miss the Indimeet.
You ll something really great and real fun
shruthi said…
Wow! Thats fun..I had no idea what ppl do at such blog meets..thanks mudd for the blog gyan :)
Heavenly Muse said…
truly nice...
you and your fellows realized and enjoyed the friendship bestowed by internet.
so thoughts and words keep people nearer.
keep it up
make sure you dont miss it next time :)
@heavenly muse,
Yes they do keep people together. Every revolutionary change in the entire history of mankind is but a tree grown on a seed called thought :)
Heavenly Muse said…
true and these seeds are sprinkled by alike minds in the fertile land of hope.:-)
doing diploma in linguistic
Raisa said…
Hey very well written :-) !! just Awesome review... :-) I guess v din meet but i enjoyed it more from ur description now... :-) !!!
sawan said…
nice way to put it brother :)
good to have met you in life. cheers for the meet :)
LOvely n interesting :)
I d love to get to know you better :):)
If I am not wrong you were the lady in pink winner right??
Thanks a lot.
I am glad you liked it :):)
Yeah Sawan
Hope to keep bumping into you time and again
Mohan said…
Hey Muddassir, it was nice catching up with you in person. I loved your modesty in saying " 'Thank you' for visiting my blog once in a while and I remember your comments :)". That made my moment! Glad to have people recognizing me by my comments!

Nice entry for the contest dude. All the best, Hope you win this one!
THanks for such sweet words.
I am not sure about winning contests but If I win hearts and make friends my venture into blogs will be successful :)
thanks again :):)
Arpana said…
An event well expressed, a real delight for the readers. Thanks for sharing.
lONG Time since I had been to your blog.
My apologies.
Thanks for your kind words .
I am glad you liked my write up :)
magiceye said…
a great post and entry for the phone contest too!

best wishes!!
@magic eye,
Yes, I had no idea of participating in phone contest. But I felt the need of a smart fone to access net on the fly.
So i put my thoughts here :)
wow! good to read this... must be fun. Liked ur honesty on not being able to make others laugh... and carrying the diary and pen thing. btw, what age group are you, if i may ask? Twitter, i havenot really understood, what to do with it... keep tellin the world what r u upto?! that is ridiculous i think.

anyways, nice write up!
Pooja said…
Wow awesome review, seems like fun!

Can you believe it I missed the meet at Mumbai, just because I was out of town, what a stupid reason! I'm regretting it a lot.. :(

Your post is getting these sentiments out. Ah well, its great :D!!
hey Restless,

I am in the 25-30 range and supposed to be a technology architect but very poor with mobile phones :)
High time I upgraded my skills with smart phones.

I concur with you on twitter. But sometimes it comes in Handy. Depends on how you put it to use.

:) I seriously felt like a fool there. I could as well have saved the details as message drafts but I chose to use the conventional pen and paper :D
:O) There is always a next time.
Make sure you dont miss it.
S.R.Ayyangar said…
Nice Post.Waiting for some other occasion to meet you.
@Ayyangar sir,
I stay in south Bangalore.
Lets sure meet up sometime :)
Abhishek said…
I am also using a very simple Phone.
Smartphones have all in them.
Well Congrats for your first Indiblogger meet.
Impressive narration.
Thanks much brother :)
umapoems said…
Lovely meeting well written

If you like something about my blog,do VOTE ME!
Your Vote counts for me!
Zirka said…
A very watchful review ;) I think I was the only Atheist there..
pallavi said…
I am so J!! Been coming across so many of the Indiblogger meet posts...

Btw, if you like my post, please vote for it at Indiblogger

Hey Pallavi,
looks like you have been garnering lot oof support for the docomo contest.
Good luck.
I promoted your post
Samadrita said…
I've been reading indiblogger Bangalore meet accounts everywhere. Avada's, Nethra's, Tavish's and many many more...
And yeah I think the age of the youngest member was 14. Atleast Tavish mentioned that somewhere. :P
I hope they come to Kolkata soon!

Btw if you have some time do read my entry for the Share Life contest and promote it if you think it deserves to get a vote :-
Thanks! :-)
Hey Samdrita,
Thanks for your comments.
I will sure read your post and comment on it
Lolland said…
Nice thought process. I like the way the phone was introduced.

I am attending the next Indiblogger meet, in part encouraged by your post on it. How long does the whole meet take, could you give me an idea?

Do read my post below, and vote for it if you like :)
Lolland - Too Smart to be True
Hey Lolland,
Approximately around 3-4 hours.
But you wont know how time passes by :)
Hi again!

ok so now I know ur age group! It helps in understanding our co bloggers. should I start a thread in Indiblogger asking what age group r u, becoz most ppl don't mention this in their blogs and one has to understand and guess gradually, what age a person is, what do u say?

even i have not mentioned mine!! but i write about my age in my posts!

And about gadgets - I wud love to carry a latest social networking mobile, but due to cetain reasons, I cannot.

ok let me know about thread idea, what do u think?


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